Sharp LC-80LE650 80-inch Aquos 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

"sharp 70 inch tv"Sharp LC-80LE650 80-inch. The 80inch Sharp TV. How impressive 80 inches I looked it over and it has 35 reviews which is pretty surprising seeing as this is probably a $4000 TV. 22 people gave it five stars, seven people gave it four stars, two people give it three stars, and four people gave it two stars. No one gave it one star, I wouldn’t expect anyone to give it a one star seeing as it is a 80 inch TV and on top of that it’s made by Sharp which through my experience has never made a pathetic product. without further ado let’s start the review. Right out the box it seems like sporting events have great quality but unfortunately the soap opera effect is definitely going to be a problem as soon as you release this product from the box. If you change the picture qualities you can get rid of the soap opera effect, and everything will start to look purely amazing you just have to set it on standard mode.

Sharp LC70LE745U 120Hz 70-Inch LED-Lit TV

"sharp lc-70le640u"/The Sharp LC70LE745U 70-Inch.This great TV set, it has 30 reviews on 19 people give it five stars, five people give it four stars, one person gives it three stars,  and two people give it one star. Now let’s see why they gave these reviews and how they fare on this TV. Apparently this TV is incredibly awesome says most of the reviews so far, the set up apparently isn’t necessarily to hard. The initial Wi-Fi connection seems to give people some difficulty this is the first time I have reed about connecting to the Wi-Fi network being a problem for a TV set especially a smart TV set. After you connect to the Wi-Fi everything else seems to be great the picture seems to be incredibly clear. The 3-D scenes are wonderful even without the glasses so that’s incredibly interesting as well.

Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV

"70 sharp aquos"The Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch.This sharp set is incredibly large and incredibly expensive like most sharp sets are it seems they specialize in incredibly large TVs and they’re pretty good at making them to. Although it may have a small glare so don’t put it in a bright room, because sharp uses certain screen type. Just make sure you have a good set of blinds but realistically looking at these reviews I’m pretty sure you can enjoy this set. Apparently it has a great viewing experience and the quality is great, especially when it comes to larger images. It will have you immersed in the quality of it and everything seems to look incredibly realistic. It doesn’t have the greatest picture in the world but the quality of the picture is wonderful and not the mentioned the TV being so big, it takes you away from from everything. The sound isn’t the best but realistically with these huge sets it’s very rare that the sound is amazing but overall everyone says it’s an amazing TV one guy even took a second mortgage on his house just so he can get this TV. I’m pretty sure the quality of it has to be pretty amazing for someone to take out a second mortgage. Some people have even been going over the TV and looking at the specs and reviewing it having no intention to purchase it. It’s not the most affordable TV on the block but it definitely is one of the nicest if you have the money. It’s not a smart TV it’s basically centered around cable and other apparatus, but it does connect to pretty much everything. So therefore if you wanted to get a smart TV box and connect it to this TV you can do that and it does have a lot of HDMI ports as well. Overall I say if you have the money I would get this TV I would definitely get this TV. I would sit in the middle of my family room and I would watch 3-D on it all day long. Overall I think i’m going to give the Sharp LC-90LE745 90-inch 1080p 120Hz LED 3D HDTV, a 9 out of 10.

Sharp LC-80LE857 80-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV

"sharp 70 inch led tv"/The Sharp LC-80LE857 80-Inch.This is almost a $7000 TV so it only has 11 reviews on Amazon right now. Six people give it five stars, three people give it four stars, one person gives it two stars, one person gives it one star, lets get into the review. Everyone likes it because of the design of the TV, I can tell you by looking at it, that it looks beautiful but let’s hear about some other details concerning this set. Apparently the 3-D glasses that connect to this are Bluetooth, so you don’t need to constantly point them at the TV to maintain some sort of sync. This is really great the bezel on this thing is also pretty small so it feels like there’s nothing but screen. Unfortunately the batteries on the 3-D glasses are not rechargeable, you have to pretty much buy new batteries every 110 hours or so according to the manual. Unfortunately the center of the screen isn’t as bright as the corners of the screen, because the lighting comes from the edges and when you change the motion enhancement settings above 120 it seems to affect some of the color variations and also it seems to affect the gamma as well. Finding the wireless network is a easy task for this TV, it pretty much will find the network almost instantly. You can instantly connect to all your favorite apps like Netflix. It also has a lot of HDMI inputs so you can connect it to your favorite gaming systems such as PlayStation, Wii, and Xbox unfortunately it doesn’t have any ideal out RCA plugs in the back. Everyone says image quality on this thing is pretty much perfect, and overall they love the TV and they feel like they made a great choice. There is a few complaints about the TV but overall it’s a great set. For as much money as you have to pay for it you want to definitely look into these things, because when you start to get up into the $7000 range, little things do matter. So when it comes to this set I’m definitely going to give the Sharp LC-80LE857 80-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV, a 8 1/2 out of 10 and that’s based on The fact that it has a few small defects and it is a pretty expensive TV.

ISharp LC-80LE632U 80-Inch LED-lit 1080p 120Hz Internet TV

"sharp 60 led tv"/Sharp LC-80LE632U 80-Inch. Another great TV by sharp this one is an 80 inch. surprisingly this is almost a $4000 TV has 119 reviews let’s go over them 71 people give this five stars, 17 people give this four stars, 10 people give it three stars, seven people give it two stars, and 14 people give it one star, now let’s go over these reviews and find out why people love and why people hate it. Apparently this TV does really well with displaying incredibly fast action scenes without the blurriness or the choppiness that most television sets have once things start moving fast on the screen. So with this TV you definitely have a movie theater sized viewing experience, yes projectors might show a bigger image but there definitely not going to have as much quality as this does, the picture quality is pretty much gorgeous and incredibly accurate. When it comes to detail of the imaging this set takes the cake. It’s incredibly easy to mount this set, it’s no concern finding the right brackets to hang this thing up where you want within your home. It has a great built-in Wi-Fi and connects very easily to the network. Also you can plug the thumb drive in and play your MP3s and also you can play your movies on here as well, you pretty much can load up almost any file from your thumb drive and play it on your TV. It seems to integrate well with gaming systems, and doesn’t have any lag or that incredibly choppy look that most TVs give off once you load up your games. Overall people are not reporting to many flaws with this set everyone seemed to enjoy the quality this set gives off and that unique size and the features it has built into it. Integrates seamlessly with Netflix and various other apps and it definitely has some amazing qualities, the picture seems to be the best quality about this I haven’t seen a complaint about the picture thus far. This is definitely a great TV look into it if you have the money to purchase something that is this big, by all means go after it but pretty much almost any model sharp has in this size range usually has pretty good quality, but this one seems to rate pretty high amongst the rest. I would definitely look into this TV if you have the time. I’m going to give the Sharp LC-80LE632U 80-Inch LED-lit 1080p 120Hz Internet TV, a 9 out of 10.

Sharp LC-70LE847U 70" Class Quattron LED Smart 3D TV

"sharp quattron"/
Sharp LC-70LE847U 70-Inch. One of the most Impressive TVs by far I mean they’re incredibly underrated to be honest with you but this one right here takes the cake the Quattro is a great TV. So far I have looked at the review board and 126 reviews popped up on This actually surprised me a little bit seeing as it’s price is pretty high but to be honest I’m pretty sure it was worth it because sharp makes great technology. 79 people gave this TV five stars, 22 people gave this TV four stars, 11 people gave this TV three stars, 5 people gave this TV two stars, and nine people gave this TV one star. Now let’s get down to the review. Beware of the soap opera effect seems to happen with Sharp TVs. As soon as they come out of the box most of them have this soap opera effect going on, all you have to do is change the settings. There are a mass amount of setting and program settings that are already online that you can just follow and it will get rid of the soap opera effect to give you the best image quality. This TV definitely is good wood MKV format right out the box has a built-in Wi-Fi” and web browser it has a individual button for Netflix on the remote. Also it has Hulu plus YouTube and all these come with HD, it also plays Vudu. On top of that it has active 3-D not like other 3-D TVs this one has very high quality 3-D like extremely realistic 3-D attributes, that alone is pretty much worth buying this TV. On top of that it has a lot more speaker power than most TVs, its base level is pretty high. One of the only problems with it is it won’t connect a portable hard drives via USB, it only connects to hard drives that already have their own power source, and of course regular flash sticks. Overall it looks like this unit is definitely something you want for your Super Bowl party, so I would say if you have the money buy the unit, its very impressive and it has great features and few downfalls the complaints are not necessarily anything to shake a stick at so to be honest i’m going to give the Sharp LC-70LE847U 70" Class Quattron LED Smart 3D TV,

Sharp LC-70LE757 70-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV

"sharp led tv"/Sharp LC-70LE757 70-inch. Seeing as this TV is incredibly expensive especially in this size, I wasn’t necessarily surprise when I went online and saw that it only had five reviews. Each one of these reviewers was either within five-star or four-star range it didn’t get anything below in a four star rating. Reviewers had very positive things to say about it, I’m pretty sure the TV sales a lot more then it was review. The people that are buying these set have too much money to waste their time to write reviews. The main thing about this TV that I read so far, is that it has a great sound system which is really rare with large TVs because they usually expect you to get your own surroundsound system. That really impressed me right off the back, and on top of having incredible surround sound system built into the TV it also has various other settings. If you go to the surround sound setting, you can do Hall surround and various other different kinds of settings that will increase the value of the sound. You can make the sound bounce around the room, apparently they say you don’t need to connect to any other surroundsound systems. They say the volume control was pretty much good by itself. When you plug it in, it already has great image quality you might want to do some tweaking because most sharp TVs usually have that soap opera effect, but you can change that easily. The quality of the image on here is amazing someone said they put on avatar and played it on a normal DVD player and it actually had more detail then if it were played on 3-D Blu-ray player by another set definitely impressive. Not to mention it’s a smart TV so of course you can connect to Netflix and various other things as well, I’m guessing you could buy a lot of apps on here as well and add to your system. If you connect the camera you’ll also be able to use Skype and various other features with this TV as well. Its extreme size and definition is pretty much spectacular hands down I mean the image quality from what everyone is saying is just absolutely stunning. I’m definitely going to give the Sharp LC-70LE757 70-inch Aquos Quattron 1080p 240Hz Smart LED 3D HDTV, a 9 out of 10.

Sharp LC-60LE847U 60-Inch LED-lit 1080p 240Hz 3D Internet TV

"led tv deals"The Sharp LC-60LE847U 60-Inch. Another big daddy by Sharp TV, coming out with this 16 inch LED TV. The review board is out on this one, and it seems like sharp is at it again it has 126 reviews on Out of these reviews 79 people give it five stars, 22 people give it four stars, 11 people give it three stars, five people give it two stars, and nine people give it one star. Let go over these reviews and see how many of them are positive, and how many of them are negative. It looks like if you want to used model of this, or a new model they start at $1107. There are a number of these that  come in all black. It has many apps including Netflix which is shown in great HD quality and on top of that, it has a great 3D view thats flawless. The three glasses are a little bit older technology and they definitely will only work with sharp TV, you can swap out the glasses, but the Internet browser is pretty decent it’s pretty much as good as any other smart TV Internet browsers. Smart TVs are not necessarily perfect because, they don’t usually allow you to work well with flash or Silverlight powered websites. The TV is pretty light it isn’t too heavy, so therefore it’s easily moved. It works flawlessly with Xbox and PlayStation and all your other game systems as well.  The Speakers on this TV are not the best but realistically the audio on pretty much all TVs of this size in this day and age, don’t have super great sound usually unless you get some sort of surround sound system to include with your Tv. Realistically it looks like this is a good buy, yet again by sharp a highly recommended brand. It has spectacular views its image quality is wonderful and its overall design aspect is beautiful. So by looking at this and studying the reviews closely over time i’m giving the Sharp LC-60LE847U 60-Inch LED-lit 1080p 240Hz 3D Internet TV, a 8 1/2 out of 10. I’m only giving it this score simply because of minor quirks with the UI but that’s about it.

Sharp LC-40LE550 40-inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

"cheap tvs"/The Sharp LC-40LE550 40-inch. Now I’ve taken a look at this model and it looks pretty good unfortunately there is absolutely no reviews on this model whatsoever. This is incredibly surprising seeing as the design of this thing is actually pretty A+. Now I can tell you about exactly what they’re telling me, this thing seems to have a full 1080p LED display this seems to be quite vibrant, and nice, and bright and also, it has a great dynamic contrast ratio. It has a thin bezel design, the audio output seems to be pretty decent and  it has three HDMI inputs which is really important when you have more than one system, you want to connect your Wii, or PlayStation, and Xbox 360 these are things that you need to consider. It also meets the energy Star specifications so is definitely is good on the light bill which is a plus. It is not necessarily super expensive especially for a 40 inch, sharp makes much bigger TVs, this is probably the smallest TV by sharp that I’ve ever reviewed so far. It seems like predominantly Sharp makes incredibly large TV sets it seems like that’s what they specialize in. This one seems to have a great design and it looks like the specifications on it meet all the qualifications necessary for great TV. So it’s defiantly worth checking out, I will look deeper into it but so far all the TVs that I have reviewed by sharp, seem to have great quality and it seems that they have mostly great picture which is the number one aspect when looking for a Tv. When you plug this one in, it most likely will have a soap opera effect most sharp TVs do. You just need to change the settings but overall by the look of it, and just looking at the details and the features of this product I think i’m going to give the Sharp LC-40LE550 40-inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV, a 7 1/2 out of 10.

Sharp LC-39LE440U 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV

"sharp 70 inch led tv"/The Sharp LC-39LE440U 39-Inch. This thing has several reviews on let’s go over them and see exactly what’s going on here. Right off the back they say this has a gorgeous screen, very vibrant colors everything is deep everything is in high detail. They definitely say that this is a HDTV to the max mild complaints with the quality of the visual presentation which is the main thing when it comes to purchasing a TV in the first place. The viewing angle seem to be excellent no matter where you watch it from it doesn’t change the quality of the picture, even if you’re watching at a right angle, up angle, down angle the picture seems to hold its quality. The set up is incredibly easy, there’s no fuss everything want be all over the place, its pretty much self-explanatory and the TV will come together just like that. The TV is incredibly thin especially for the size, you probably wouldn’t expect it to be as clean as it is according to the reviews. Unfortunately it has poor speaker quality which is something I would expect in pretty much any TV set in this day and age, thing is Tv’s are so flat you really can’t fit high-quality speaker into them. If you were to try to put great speaker in a thin Tv, it would most likely be incredibly expensive driving up the price on the set. Apparently it’s not necessarily for gamers, because of the refresh rate it’s not very good, it’s not a complete distraction. The ghosting effect is going on, especially when you’re when you get to the more darker scenes, so if your playing a Devil May Cry Dante’s Inferno type game, then you defiantly going to have a problem. I would avoid using this TV to play video games. Apparently there’s a little bit of LED backlight bleeding in the corners it’s kind of obvious especially in darker scenes. Besides all that the main important fact is the picture quality of this thing it’s wonderful it just doesn’t really integrate well with other machinery like realistically if you’re just looking for something with a good resolution rate that really plays some quality HDTV than this is what you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for something to interface with all your other devices, then I would suggest looking for another set. Overall i’m going to give the Sharp LC-39LE440U 39-Inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV, a 8 out of 10.
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