Sharp LC-80LE650 80-inch Aquos 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV

"sharp 70 inch tv"Sharp LC-80LE650 80-inch. The 80inch Sharp TV. How impressive 80 inches I looked it over and it has 35 reviews which is pretty surprising seeing as this is probably a $4000 TV. 22 people gave it five stars, seven people gave it four stars, two people give it three stars, and four people gave it two stars. No one gave it one star, I wouldn’t expect anyone to give it a one star seeing as it is a 80 inch TV and on top of that it’s made by Sharp which through my experience has never made a pathetic product. without further ado let’s start the review. Right out the box it seems like sporting events have great quality but unfortunately the soap opera effect is definitely going to be a problem as soon as you release this product from the box. If you change the picture qualities you can get rid of the soap opera effect, and everything will start to look purely amazing you just have to set it on standard mode.
One of the big problems with this TV that people say on the reviews, is that the sound quality is pretty bad but realistically when it comes down to it all these big TVs have bad sound. They expect you to hook up a surround sound system in the center of the room. Note these TVs cant afford super stereo quality speaker system within them along with grade A image quality. The Internet Wi-Fi seems to be easy to set up and everything about it can be either set up manually or automatically, as soon as you connect to the wireless network the device integrates with Netflix seamlessly and also integrates with Hulu and Amazon instant video as well. Also seems to have its own browser as well but I don’t think that browser incorporates flash or Silverlight. This TV can be mounted on the wall but I suggest putting it on top of a entertainment center seeing as it is quite heavy and you might have to reinforce the wall to put it up. Overall as far as I’m concerned Im going to give this TV a 9 1/2 because the reviews. Everyone gave it a great review, the negative reviews on it were pretty much nonexistent and just look at this TV its’ amazing so i’m definitely going to give the Sharp LC-80LE650 80-inch Aquos 1080p 120Hz Smart LED HDTV, a 9 1/2 out of 10.
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