Sharp LC70LE745U 120Hz 70-Inch LED-Lit TV

"sharp lc-70le640u"/The Sharp LC70LE745U 70-Inch.This great TV set, it has 30 reviews on 19 people give it five stars, five people give it four stars, one person gives it three stars,  and two people give it one star. Now let’s see why they gave these reviews and how they fare on this TV. Apparently this TV is incredibly awesome says most of the reviews so far, the set up apparently isn’t necessarily to hard. The initial Wi-Fi connection seems to give people some difficulty this is the first time I have reed about connecting to the Wi-Fi network being a problem for a TV set especially a smart TV set. After you connect to the Wi-Fi everything else seems to be great the picture seems to be incredibly clear. The 3-D scenes are wonderful even without the glasses so that’s incredibly interesting as well.
This TV definitely has a lot of apps, of course it integrates with the Netflix app, but it also integrates with HULU. It also has browser applications as well the 3-D aspect of the TV seems to be getting great reviews so far, but some people have difficulty using that WPS method of linking the TV with the router. But most people say it has a bright and clear picture, and the TV definitely creates a wonderful viewing experience for you and your family. Its refresh rate is incredibly nice and the sound level is good enough for a living room or just regular casual viewing but I still recommend upgrading and getting yourself a surround sound system, when you’re dealing with these TVs. They don’t necessarily have the best ideal sound quality because they’re not designed for that so therefore you probably should go out and get yourself a good surround sound system. Especially if you get a TV of this size because when you have a TV of this size, you basically have a home entertainment system, so you might as well go all out. But overall looking at this TV it has wonderful quality, the reviews are great on it there are only a few downfalls with the TV but if the 3-D is coming in good without the glasses then that’s amazing, they say to get it at Best Buy because it comes with two glasses. You don’t want to buy the glasses because as a possibility you could pick up the wrong pair. But overall i’m going to give the Sharp LC70LE745U 120Hz 70-Inch LED-Lit TV, a 8 1/2 out of 10.
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