Sharp LC-70LE847U 70" Class Quattron LED Smart 3D TV

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Sharp LC-70LE847U 70-Inch. One of the most Impressive TVs by far I mean they’re incredibly underrated to be honest with you but this one right here takes the cake the Quattro is a great TV. So far I have looked at the review board and 126 reviews popped up on This actually surprised me a little bit seeing as it’s price is pretty high but to be honest I’m pretty sure it was worth it because sharp makes great technology. 79 people gave this TV five stars, 22 people gave this TV four stars, 11 people gave this TV three stars, 5 people gave this TV two stars, and nine people gave this TV one star. Now let’s get down to the review. Beware of the soap opera effect seems to happen with Sharp TVs. As soon as they come out of the box most of them have this soap opera effect going on, all you have to do is change the settings. There are a mass amount of setting and program settings that are already online that you can just follow and it will get rid of the soap opera effect to give you the best image quality. This TV definitely is good wood MKV format right out the box has a built-in Wi-Fi” and web browser it has a individual button for Netflix on the remote. Also it has Hulu plus YouTube and all these come with HD, it also plays Vudu. On top of that it has active 3-D not like other 3-D TVs this one has very high quality 3-D like extremely realistic 3-D attributes, that alone is pretty much worth buying this TV. On top of that it has a lot more speaker power than most TVs, its base level is pretty high. One of the only problems with it is it won’t connect a portable hard drives via USB, it only connects to hard drives that already have their own power source, and of course regular flash sticks. Overall it looks like this unit is definitely something you want for your Super Bowl party, so I would say if you have the money buy the unit, its very impressive and it has great features and few downfalls the complaints are not necessarily anything to shake a stick at so to be honest i’m going to give the Sharp LC-70LE847U 70" Class Quattron LED Smart 3D TV,
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